Rogowski Coils & Integrators


Narayan designs, manufactures and supplies range of rogowski coils with following characteristics

Types: Rigid or Flexiblee:
  • mutual inductance: 3 - 5 microhenries
  • current range (50Hz): < 100mA to > 100kA 
  • upper frequency limit: 10 - 30 kHz 
  • lower frequency limit: less than 0.1Hz  

Rigid coils have a very stable output and can be calibrated to an accuracy of better than 0.5% using traceable standards. Their output is not affected significantly by the position of the conductor threading the coil.

Flexible Coils can be manufactured for accuracy better than 1%

Special Constructions possible to customer needs

  • Narayan designs and manufactures integrators for use with any of the flexible or rigid coils except for the 545.
  • Normal output: is a voltage which reproduces the current wave-form.
  • Sensitivity : the current which gives a 1V output (amps/volt).
  • The output is linear up to 5 or 10 V depending on the type.
  • Standard sensitivity ranges are:
  • 100A, 1kA, 10kA and 100kA for flexible coils; 10A, 100A, 1kA and 10kA for rigid coils.

Sensitivities at any intermediate ranges within these limits possible Integrators matching to individual coils possible