Fault Passage Indicators

Narayan manufactures FPI for detecting earth and/or phase faults

Standard features are:
  • Potential free connection to short-circuit and earth-fault sensors
  • Short-circuit: seven trip currents, see sensor type LK
  • Earth-fault: seven trip currents, see sensor type LE
  • Four response delays between 40 ms and 300 ms
LED indication:
  • Passage of 2nd short-circuit by double blinking
  • Indication of permanent earth-faults by double blinking
  • Button to test the function of the display unit
Reset function:
  • Manual by push-button
  • Time: four values between 1 h and 12 h
  • Remote reset contacts
  • Optional: by recovering auxiliary power supply
Power supply:
  • Lithium battery type AA 3.6 V
  • Contacts for remote monitoring