Current Transformers

Narayan has a full range of LV CTs -Indoor as well as Outdoor, outline electrical parameters are as below:

  • Can be resin casted, plastic cased or tape insulated.
  • Split core current transformers possible
  • Primary current rating up to 20,000 Amps.
  • Secondary current rating of 1 Amps, 5 Amps, 0.577 Amps (or any relay feed current value) or custom specified.
  • Multi core CTs up to 5 cores or more.
  • Burden value up to 50 VA (IEC 60044, IS 2705) or more.
  • Accuracy class up to 0.1 for metering (IEC 60044, IS 2705), up to 10P, 15P for relaying/protection (IEC 60044, IS 2705), 0.1 for metering (ANSI C 57.13) and up to C 800 for relaying (ANSI C 57.13).
  • Special accuracy class like class PS (IS 2705)/PX (IEC 60044) with specific values of Vk and Imag., PR Class, TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ