Cast Resin Components

Insulation Level

Up to 36kV; BIL 170 kVp

Outer Encapsulation

Epoxy resin, Cycloaliphatic resin for outdoor use

Mechanical Loads

To customer requirements

Electrical Characteristics

Tested for HV, PD and Impulse with traceable serial numbers

Custom Options (contact us)

Contacts can be copper, Aluminum, Brass and MS (for Insulators and VDI) VDI available with Phase comparator or auxiliary contacts Shrouds, Spouts to customer drawing Special bushings for RMU application

Range capabilities
  • LV insulators
  • MV insulators for panel applications
  • MV insulators for outdoor applications
  • LV Bushings
  • MV bushings for panel applications
  • MV bushings for outdoor applications
  • MV wall through bushings
  • Assemblies
  • Capacitive dividers
  • Indicators with or without relays for capacitive dividers
  • Spouts and bus bar supports
  • Secondary connection plate with through wires or inserts

We can design and manufacture as per customer requirements.