Potential Transformers

Narayan has a full range of LV VTs-Indoor as well as Outdoor, outline electrical parameters are as below:

  • Primary voltage rating up to 1100 volts
  • Secondary voltage of 27V, 63V, 100V, 110V, 120 V or custom defined
  • Multi winding VTs up to 3 windings possible
  • Burden value up to 200 VA (IEC 60044, IS 3156) or more.
  • Thermal burden of up to 1kVA possible
  • Accuracy class up to 0.1 for metering (IEC 60044, IS 3156), up to 3P, 5P for relaying/protection (IEC 60044, IS 3156), 0.1 for metering (ANSI C 57.13) and Class W, X, M, Z (ANSI C 57.13).